How do I get my layers to stop having split ends so easily no matter what I do to it?

i hate my layers because it's so short due to split ends. We don't have a devachan where I live so I have to straighten my hair for them to see the ends of my hair to trim it. I wanna grow out my layers but they tend to split no matter what I do to em, I PS 95% of the time, do I needa dust my ends every couple months? Or should I stop straightening my hair for them to trim it and possibly making my layers horrible when its back to its curly state. I have 3c/4a hair

1 Answer

you should never straighten your hair. why would anyone want to burn the hair in order to trim it? you're better off not cutting it then having it done straight! blowfrying it straight only creates more split ends....... where do you live? you should be able to find a trained stylist in your area.