How can I get my length back after its broken off very very badly, without having a beautician?

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The most helpful answer may sound super basic lol and "duh", but its Take Care Of Your Hair.- Make sure you are eating healthy and that you have a proper water intake: try to drink how much you weigh in ounces daily.- If you feel you lack in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals - incorporate a supplement into your routine.- Make sure you are dusting or trimming: ONLY, aaaaand I Stress this lol, ONLY when you have split ends or damage. (A lot of women are cutting for absolutely no reason and it hinders their growth)- Learn about the kind of hair you have: Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to curly hair. The more you know about what youre trying to grow, the more you can do to help that process :). Click here to texture type your hair and learn everything you will need to know about making your specific hair grow.- Once you learn about your hair, try to establish a consistent regimen for you: Depending on what works for you hair, try to follow a consistent schedule of some kind but you can change up product. For example, (and this is always trial and error in the beginning lol) I have learned that I need to wash my hair once a week to a week and a half. So I wash (or ACV rinse), condition, deep condition with heat once a week. I also do the LCO method once a week (leave in conditioner, cream, oil), and i refresh or add moisture when I see fit. I add protein every 2 and a half weeks (because my hair is high porosity and it needs protein). That is the base of my regimen.- Stick to the basics: To keep your hair moisturized stick to the basics. Choose which one is right for you - LOC, LCO, and LOCO.  L=Leave in conditioner O=Oil C=Cream and in LOCO the last O is actually heavy oil. If you stick to the one that works for you your hair will usually be moisturized.Click here to learn about LOC. - If your hair is 2c and under I suggest using light products.Basics are = shampoo, rinse out conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisturizer, sealing oil (olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil etc), satin pillow case or scarf, bobby pins.- Try to avoid heat and chemicals: Try as much as possible to stay away from heat. Let your hair air dry when you can. If you use a diffuser with your hair dryer try using it when your hair is nearly dry. If you choose to dye your hair, make sure youre getting protein protein protein and always deep conditioning! Dont use chemicals if you arent ready for the commitment.- Be patient: Don't rush it. Everyone has a different growth cycle. If you stay healthy and take care of your hair it WILL grow.**A TIP: Castor oil is an awesome oil for hair growth! You can do hot oil treatments however often you'd like with this and incorporate a hair vitamin.**I hope this helps love, xo !