I like to end my workout with sitting in the sauna. How do I retain moisture while in the sauna?

At the end of my workout at the gym, I like to sit in the sauna. But I don't want my hair to dry out while in there. Sometimes, on deep condition/wash days it's great. I get the benefit of a heat cap without the possibility of damage or without using a towel that gets cold by the time I'm ready to apply it. How can I retain moisture in my hair while in the sauna? 

1 Answer

So you're asking what to do when it's NOT wash day? Hmmm... I feel like it's what you do *after* the sauna that's important. Make sure you moisturize your hair and seal in that moisture with a light oil. You can go the water + coconut oil route, or when I'm feeling fancy I use the Obia Natural Haircare Spray and Save Your Do Argan Oil. I have fine, thin hair though so i like really light products. Hope that helps!