I have a little heat damage, school is about to start, how can i quicker the process of recovery?

I have 3c hair, low porosity

2 Answers

Hi , Try using olive oil , avocado , and one egg , mix it all together apply to hair after shampoo , leave it in for about 45 minutes to 1 hour . Also coconut oil shampoo and conditioner is really good . 
regular trims are really important to maintain healthy hair. also try to wear your hair in its natural texture as much as possible. your hair is like a rubber band; you keep stretching it and it will eventually snap. try using curl friendly products and avoid applying heavy greasy products that could weigh it down and cause dryness. silicone and sulfates are also not very good for your hair. oil and water don't mix so avoid applying oil to wet hair because you will just make it greasy. if you want your hair to absorb the proper nutrients of the coconut oil, apply it to dry hair as a pre wash and follow it with a good cleanse and a hydration treatment. try reading my blog ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com