How do I get my locs to grow, it's like they quit growing. What do I need to do , my hair type is 4C

My hair has stopped growing and it's starting to get thin at the roots. How can I get my hair to grow and become thicker at the root. Thks

1 Answer

Hi @ShelbyBsw!I also have 4c hair but I do not have locs so I might not be able to give you the best specific advice. In general, it is important to make sure your hair stays moisturized with water based products and pure oils. With locs I think you want to stay away from heavy butters (at least any with waxes) as those are hard to wash out and may add unnecessary weight to your locs. Any unnecessary weight or pull on your locs may be causing thinning at the root. I know when I have braid extensions this usually occurs. Pulling your locs up too tightly or even just wearing around the weight of soaking wet locs (if it takes your hair a while to dry) can be a lot of weight on your roots. If this is an issue, try squeezing out as much water as possible with a t-shirt  and then sit under the dryer and/or use a hair dryer with diffuser attachment to dry your hair till its damp. Try not to put your hair in pony tails and updos most of the time so you aren't pulling on your roots with those styles. If you need to get your hair out of your face, try pinning back a few locs in the front or putting your hair up loosely and use bobby pins to keep it in place. I'm not sure how much of this will apply to you, but I hope that at least some of it is helpful for you!