I had very long hair and it sudentlly went shorter? My hair is dry my whole life, how do i fix that?

my hair growes very slow, i have a feeling everytime i cutted my hair it never grown bigger, for years now, all of my friends grow their hair and cut it hundred times and i have been standing here with same lenght for years, how to fasten growing your hair, and which regular products are good for your hair? Like garnier and similar. My hair is also very dry and after one night tomorrow i need to wash it or do a bun, no other way. Please help, this is my hair on the photo, you see how it got even shorter and i didnt cut it

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You need to deep condition your hair, if it's dry it will LOVE to frizz and also break if there's lots of friction. The problem I find is some of the moisturizing products feel oily or heavy or sticky. You need to find the one which will work for you. I can't recommend products because maybe what works for me your hair may not like. Garnier doesn't work for me, infact it makes my hair a raving monster!ONE important thing to do is don't worry too much. Drink plenty of water, when you wash your hair you want to massage oil into the scalp and gently stimulate the scalp. You might like trying Burt's bees more moisture baobab shampoo. And a matching (or different) conditioner. Something you should look for is a leave in that moisturizes the hair. Also, try a protein treatment so your hair is strengthened in case that is what is missing. Don't worry about other girls growing their hair faster. Mine was down to my knees and I cut it SUPER short few years ago. It took forever to grow but I learned it a bit shorter. DO NOT wash your hair all the time. Maybe 2-3 times a week. (depends on you) What I do is I wash it with shampoo beginning of week, the next time I wash it that week it's to refresh curls. I ONLY use conditioner (need to detangle hair) and That is week 1. The next time which is the next week after that I cowash with AS I AM coconut cowash. IF my hair feels dirty or heavy with product and the cowash doesn't  seem like it will work I use shampoo. For days my hair feels dry I wet it and add conditioner or a leave in. So I use shampoo every almost every 2 weeks, that can be 3-5 shampoo days total in a month. If I work out I just cowash. When I shampoo too much it makes my hair snap and break. Look into the curly girl method, there is a book on it. There are also online articles bloggers post. There is many things you can try, all kinds of information. You might find the exact answer in the question answers on here.