I lost my curl pattern and i want it back What can i do?

ive been straightening my hair since i was 14 years old i am now 19 and i lost my curls, the front part of my roots still has my curl pattern and also the back bottom part but other then that no whre else, starting this month ive stopped using heat and ive been using ITS A 10 shampoo and conditioner to repair my hair from heat damage and also from dyeing my hair, please tell me what i can use to regin my curls back completely 

1 Answer

It sounds to me like your hair is extremely damage.  The only way to really get your true curls back is to cut the damaged hair off.  You could do this all at once or slowly over a period of many weeks. Remember to go see a stylist who will cut your hair dry in it's natural state.  This way they can see exactly what needs to be removed and you won't have any more heat damage.   Stop using shampoo and start co-washing or using a zero lather cleanser and a botanically drenched conditioner.  You need good quality botanical and no CONES in your stylers.  Your hair is in a fragile state and needs only the best quality gentle botanicals.  With a little TLC(tender loving curl) you and your curls will be back at it!