I Love Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration!

If I had to pick 1 hair care product that I couldn't live without, it would be Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration serum. I have been using this product in my hair for about a month and I completely love it. I find it fantastic for my nails, cuticles, face, and hands as well. It is so lightweight and quick-absorbing, it heals my split ends fast and makes it really, really soft. Plus, it has no smell at all.I usually just pump a few drops into my palms and then work into my hair while it's still damp from the shower. I really like the pump top on this, because it's quick and easy. The dropper bottles that the other products have is annoying. And this is a plastic shatter proof bottle, which means I can use it right after a shower without worrying about dropping it.The price is also affordable, especially since it goes a lot longer than you might expect. With just a 2oz bottle, I end up using it about as long as a 25-oz bottle of conditioner, since I don't have to use as much.Such a great conditioning serum!

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