how can I maintain my hair when it is curly?

my hair is naturally very dry. My mother is Caucasian and also has dry thick curly hair. Her texture is a little bit less rough than mine but they are very similar. I keep my hair straightened most of the time because my hair is huge and frizzes out once its completely dry. When its wet/ semiwet its wonderful but how can I control my hair after it drys? I do use leave in conditioner but its not enough to maintain it while its dry unless I apply way to much to where it leaves it sticky. Is there any products that may help me? Also I used to relax my hair on a normal basis but have went completely natural for almost 5 years now. All the relaxed hair is gone but I feel like my hair was never this dry before I got the relaxers. I attached 2 photos from the same time frame. My mother did my hair on the photo top with a lot of Caucasian hair products and the bottom photo just has African pride moisturizer. My mother was able to define my curls better but it still got poofy My hair is a little past my shoulders when its straight. Help me please!!!!!

1 Answer

Try using a curl cream or gel along with the leave in conditioner. Have you tried out Shea Moisture?