I have major problems with triangle hair. Is there a way to fix this?

I'm not sure what type of hair I have. It has big curls, waves, tight curls, you name it it's there but it's predomitly ringlets when it drys after washing. My hair does have blonde foils in it but I've had this triangle issue since before them so I don't think it's colouring. My hair just seems to curl from about the tops of my ears down.  I get a little volume on top but my hair always looks like a triangle which I don't like. Can anyone help me with this?  Do I need to cut it different or something?

2 Answers

A specialised hairdresser that deals with curly hair may be able to help you. May i suggest DevaCurl? but there are many others. If you're feeling adventurous, you could get layers that highlight the shape that you want(more volume in some areas and less volume in other areas). A professional curly-hairdresser should be able to cut the layers for you. If you're brave enough, you could cut them by yourself but I wouldn't recommend it.
You might want to try long angled hair cut . It might take the triangle shape out and allow you to keep long length. Mine is angled from jaw down. I have very long hair , love the shape. Can wear it straight or curly. Good luck.