How can I make my curls more defined & shiny?

Also, what would be good products to try?I have hairtype 3a

3 Answers

hi there!I have waist length 3a hair that is constantly frizzy with the weather right now.Here's some of my favorite recipes.1) conditioner and coconut oil. Mix 4 tablespoons conditioner (I use suave naturals coconut scented) and a couple teaspoons of either coconut oil or olive oil. I do this once a week for super soft,shiny hair.For defined, shiny curls, I use tresemme curls all day gel on wet hair. Then I diffuse on cool, using the pixie method. I would definitely recommend watching Veronica Meza on YouTube. I love her songs, hair, and recipes!God bless!
if you want more defined curls , Iypu should try to scrunch your hair after washing and conditioning . You can also use your fingers to finger coil small strands at a time around your entire head and they will be super defined . Using a defused after doing both of these methods will just enhance your curls .If you want shiner curls , I would try Hawaiian Silky's moisturizer and sheen .It's light weight on curls so you'll barley feel it but it also gives them a nice feel and shine .
Several thing you can try: 1. Use a microfiber towel to try your hair, and lightly scrunch the excess water out. 2. Style your hair while it's soaking wet and scrunch your products into your hair. 3. Try aloe vera gel. I don't know what it is about this stuff but it always gives me really defined waves. Just apply some using your hands and then complete with your favorite styler. Good luck!