How do I make my curls looked more defined and not as poofy?

My hair routine is that I shampoo my hair  Then I use conditioner and brush out all the knots with a wide tooth comb. When I get out of the shower I dab my hair a little bit so it's not dripping. Next I spray my hair with leave in conditioner and then a detangler. After that I use a gel all over my hair and to finish it off I use mousse. Is there anything I can do to make each curl defined and not as tight?

2 Answers

Okay get Loreal Paris Ever Cream.(it comes in a Gold squeeze or pump bottle. Take a shower, brush it with a Denman Brush and then another brush with thicker bristles until the tangles are out. Then dry in a towel till it isn't dripping but still wet. Then rub in the Ever Cream (be generous) brush it again. Since the tangles are already out its just to stop friz. Then let it air dry and get ready to have a GREAT hair day!! :)
Lose the mouse - maybe the gel too, depending on what brand or product name it is. Some gels leave your hair tight. When styling your hair with the styling products, twirl your curls by sections that are not too big and not too small. Or you could try the shingling method. It's when you take small sections of your hair, and then divide it to the normal thickness of your curls, and smooth it out. I don't really know how to describe it that well, but this video will show you.