How do I manage my now wavy/string/awful hair?

My hair used to be beautiful. From elementary school through high school, it was big (actually thinner, but good volume) and curly and awesome. I had problems with frizz and defining from time to time, but it was manageable. People complimented me on my curls.Now I'm about to graduate undergrad in a few days and my hair has been a mess. As I look through my pictures, it's probably been a mess for awhile (I think something happened after my first big break up that changed my hair...I swear by it). But right now it's bad. I used to be probably 3a/3b. Now I'm lucky to have a 3a day, and I usually fall to a 2c. Sometimes my hair is so dreadfully limp and string that it goes to a 2 b.I hate it. I don't know what to do for it. I always just washed with shampoo and conditioner every day, flipped my hair and put some mousse on it wet, and let it air dry and it became luscious girls. Now if I follow this routine, it looks gross and stringy. Additionally, my hair hardly holds the curl. My hair becomes a soft mess of wavy flatness by the end of the day. Except rainy days when humidity is high. Then my hair goes back to somewhat normal. (What's that about?)I thought my hair was over conditioned and needed protein. Last night I did a gelatin protein treatment because I heard this was a way to see how your hair responded to protein. Well, it still looks stringy and gross. It needs cut, because I keep seeing dead ends, and I last got it cut around December I believe.My hair is long, past my shoulder blades, and it always has been. I believe it is low porosity and medium width and super stretchy.I am desperate. What can I do for my awful hair?In my pictures, me in black is what my hair has been lately. The blue is my hair on a good day. And the pink is back when my hair was still curly from root to tip

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