I am a men experiencing a fast hair loss & scalp is very weak, please suggest some home remidies

since past 2 yr I had a big hair fall. My hair roots pain when i touch the hair. and there is a big dandruff. Hair falls without hair root. Before these two yr i used to wash the hair with normal bath soap. I am realy afraid now . Hair falls when i wash the hair and rub the towel on hair there are lot of hair in towel.

2 Answers

Hi,In case if you have used chemicals on your hair like coloring then there are chances of you losing hair. You can even lose hair because of poor diet. First find out the reason why you are losing hair.
Look into a product called "Neno Naturals".  They have a product called Hair growth stimulator, Its made of 5-7 different kinds of oils , natural and you rub it into your scalp daily for growth.  Do not just squirt it on the hair, but on your fingers and then rub into the scalp.  good luck !