I moisturize my hair as much as I can. I see growth but it won't stay curly. It dries & gets frizzy

I went through a phase in middle school where I constantly straightened my hair. It definitely changed my curl pattern and damaged my hair. About three years ago I stopped using heat so I can repair my hair. I know it won't go back to the original curl but I just want healthy hair. Every conditioner I've used doesn't really help. I use coconut oil and this one conditioner with argon oil. I get out the shower and do my routine with my hair and after about 30 mins in some parts of my head my curls fall and then an hour from then I have this crazy dry lion mane. And just to throw this out there, my mother is African American and my father is Colombian. Any suggestions?

1 Answer

Stay tuned. Check the home page for an article that will be written to answer your question:)