How can I moisturize my hair if the LOC Method, me conditioning and deep conditioning doesn't work ?

Hi my name is Hawa and I have 4c hair. My hair is dry and it stays dry. When I condition and deep condition it feels soft while wet but after it dries after I apply a leave in conditioner and oil it feels dry again. I tried the Loc method and I had no success. I also trim my ends.  I only get 20 dollars a week so buying products that cost 10 or above is hard for me since I am a teenager. I am considering to texlax my hair but I don't want to give up on my natural hair. Can you help me?

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Hey Hawa,I have type 4c hair as well. I understand what you are going through with your hair. Keeping our hair moisturized is very difficult and it requires a lot of love and maintenance. First, may I ask what products you are using? Try to avoid products with a lot of silicone's, sulfates and alcohols. I have found that using mostly organic/natural hair products has changed my hair for the better. Not all weird ingredients are bad, but please pay close attention to your hair and what it likes and does not like. Maybe your hair needs thicker creams or a different kind of leave in conditioner. You might need a thicker oil. My hair prefers thick oils. My favorite is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Make sure that your moisturizers are water based. The first ingredient listed on these products should be water.I follow the LCO method. It's the same exact thing as the LOC method, but instead the oil is applied last. Oils are supposed to seal in all of the moisture from the leave in conditioner and cream that you apply, and this is why a lot of naturals have switched the LOC to LCO. I'd start there.You may have to try doing this method twice a day or even more instead of once. Be patient with your hair, don't texlax it just yet. If you've never been natural before, your hair needs time to adjust just like you. My suggestion for now is to stick with what you have and try LCO instead of LOC and do this 1-3 times a day whenever you feel your hair getting dry. Don't go overboard, you don't want buildup.I know that natural hair products are pretty expensive, and you are receiving a pretty low allowance. A Curlbox or Curlkit could be beneficial to you. They are both $20 a month I believe, and they send out an an assortment of hair products for you to try. Sometimes the products are even full sized! This could save you so much money. If you only get $20 a month, try to convince one of your parents to pay for the Curlbox subscription. : )I know this is already long, but I wanted to share some products and hair care lines that have worked for my hair. Maybe you could try some of these.Shea Moisture products have worked wonders for me, and they are natural and certified organic. Camille Rose Naturals is a nice line to check out as well.I currently use Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave in conditioner. It's light, but it spreads easily and its very moisturizing. You don't need to use much.Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Purification Masque (Deep Conditioner) has been a life saver. If you want to try a new deep conditioner, consider this one. It's so thick and moisturizing. It also cleared up a lot of my scalp problems.Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture MilkAs I Am's Leave in ConditionerAs I Am's Double Butter creamThose are just a few. I hope that I helped, even just a little bit. : )Please watch the video I attached. It really helped me when I was struggling with my hair!!
Hi Hawa,It can take quite a while to find out what your hair does and doesn't like, but this isn't just about the products you use, its about how you use them. Along with making sure your leave-in doesn't contain mineral oil or paraffinum liquidum/liquid paraffin, here are some tips that may change things for you:Apply your leave-in, while your hair is still wet or at least still very damp. You can re-wet your hair if it dries but even you noticed that your hair is in a good place right after conditioning and deep conditioning. This is the best time to add your leave in and oil and/or cream (in whatever order or combination works best for you). The idea behind this is that you are sealing in the most real and best source of moisture: WATER. If your hair is totally dry before putting on the leave-in and other products all that extra moisture that softens your hair is already gone.For this reason you should make sure that your leave-in is water based (the first ingredient is water). Since you are on a budget, you can totally get away with adding some of your regular conditioner back to your hair after your deep conditioner. Use it as your leave-in. You do want to be sure it doesn't dry out your hair over time if it has too much protein or silicones but if you shampoo at least once a week, you could still use one of my favorites: Aussie Moist. It provides really great moisture on a budget (it does have silicones). Another option without silicones is Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. I use that one as a leave-in all the time. Also, be sure that your oil is a pure oil or oil blend without drying alcohols (fatty alcohols are okay and good). This goes for your conditioner and other products too. Whichever oil or butter you choose, you should use sparingly so it should last a bit longer.More good, low cost conditioners to use as leave-ins and conditioners: you use shampoo, be sure that it's sulfate-free and that you are using it mostly on your scalp, massaging to remove build up and then just gently smoothing the leftover suds through your hair. That, along with a good rinse is enough to clean your hair. You really don't need to put shampoo directly on the length of your hair. Keep it on your scalp and roots. These tips will keep your shampoo session from drying out your hair beyond repair.Some good affordable, sulfate-free shampoos and other products: on different cleansing methods: think you will start to see a change in your hair if your are able to do some of these things if you weren't doing them before. It's your hair and you are the one who has to make it work, but I will advise you to think about the fact that texlaxing it may actually worsen the dryness situation. I know, because I've been there. Eventually, my hair was just as dry if not even drier after texlaxing because it is a harsh stripping chemical process. You could make it work, but I encourage you to weigh it with giving yourself some more time to make friends with your natural hair :) I hope this helps!