When i moisturize do i put oil on my scalp or a moisturizer on my scalp

i dont know if i should put oil on my scalp because i dont know if it will clodge up or just put a moisturizer 

1 Answer

Hi!You really don't need anything on your scalp. Your scalp creates its own natural oil called sebum. Some oils can be a soothing treatment when you need it like rosemary oil or good for growth like Jamaican Black Castor oil, but you don't really need to oil or moisturize your scalp. So when you moisturize and use oils, focus on your hair rather than your scalp. Your scalp will get some of it anyway and that's also why when you cleanse, it's important to focus on your scalp, massaging your cleanser into your scalp to remove sebum and any product that has built up on it. I hope that helps!