How can I moisturize my low porosity hair?

I did the big chop about 1 month ago and I have been testing products ever since. I have 3C/4a hair. I did a porosity test on my hair and found that it is low porosity. My hair possess all the traits: drys fast, water beads up on hair, doesn't retain moisture. My biggest problem is that my hair is so dry and dull. Its like I never put any water or moisturizer on it. I don't want to damage my hair by using the wrong products or not being able to find a regime. What do I do?

1 Answer

I found my giovanni products at whole foods and less expensive at hi health. Its going to be near the organic products like burts bees and all that usually. My hair has been receptive to aloe. Good thing is its cheap so you can try it inexpensively. Id say using a plastic cap or a bonnet dryer is the best thing ive done. I immediately noticed a difference. I still have a twa ad i bc in febuary. Twa's are more prone to dryness so youve really gotta be on top of the moisture retention. As for shampooing IMO shampooing weekly with a sulfate free shampoo and following up with a conditioner or even a deep conditioner ( i use shea moistures smooth and repair mask) doesnt dry my hair out. Youve got to try it and if it does space it out more regularly. You can always co wash in between if you need moisture or to reset your style. We are low porosity so our hair is easily built up with products. So shampooing helps us to allow our strands to absorb the moisture.