Can I moisturize my low porosity hair everyday?

Silly question, I know but my low porosity hair feels dry every day I don't moisturize? I've been moisturizing everyday,but my hair feels brittle without it... Is there such thing as over moisturizing? Or can I moisturize everyday.My routine:1. Water2. Coconut Oil3. Shea Moisture Shea butter hair milk (I think this is the LOC method) 

1 Answer

With low porosity hair, it's about the ability to get moisture in, because it should not escape very easily once it is sealed in. There are many factors to consider here. For one, considering the condition of your hair, your hair could feel dry but actually isn't. Conversely, though, I've heard instances where moisturizing every day makes the hair feel dry because the build-up of product can cause a drying effect. To answer your question, yes, there is such a thing as over-moisturizing, but (in its literal sense)  it does not make the hair feel dry. In my experience, it has made my hair feel weak and uncomfortably soft, with most or all elasticity (ability to bounce back into a curl/coil) gone; protein fixes that. In the technical sense, however, if you have over-moisturized, it can cause product build-up, which, again, can make hair feel dry. If I may make a suggestion, attempt to add a sealant to the routine you've described above; the coconut oil and hair milk are too light to provide a sealing effect. I suggest Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Black Castor (or regular Castor) Oil, or a hair butter at the very end of the routine. Try adding this and see if you still need to moisturize your hair every day.My apologies for the long post but I hope this is helpful.