Should I was n' go eveyday?

I don't use a cleansing conditioner. I just do it with a normal conditioner. 

3 Answers

I dont really recommend washing your hair on a daily basis.. Even if you're not using shampoo, wetting your hair too often causes it to wilt, which makes it more prone to damage when styling etc... Maybe every week? It all depends on your hair. But just not everyday :) 
I agree. It's not good to wash it every day...even if you're using a cowash. If your scalp is used to washing every day, try spacing it out every other day. And then space it out further than that. Do it gradually so that your scalp can adjust. For your hair type, I'd say twice a week at most. 
ihave 3b/3c hair and I have no problem cowashing every other day I wet my hair everyday and my hair loves it. ☆For inspiration and hair tips follow me on instagram @tokesgreen☆