I have natural 3b hair and usually my hair is very big, but now my hair isn't big anymore:( why??

My hair is ususally vey big and has a lot of volume, but latley my curls have been tighter and my hair isn't very big. It has less volume and I would like to know how to get my hair back to its usual self!

1 Answer

The first thing i can advice you is to determine what have changed in your diet and if you were using differents products on your hair. Hair that is lacking volume can be caused by buildup on the hair and scalp due to the use of heavy products ( this can be solved by an apple cider vinegar rinse  (acv) or a clarifying shampoo) or due to your diet and medication. Also, lack of protein can make hair appears limp and lifeless so you must check that out as well. I highly suggest that you make sure you are eating as healthy as possible, drinking enough water and check with your doctor to make sure you are not suffering from any deficiency ( such as iron, cooper etc). Either way, if your hair isn't back to normal after a clarifying shampoo, acv rinse and/or a protein treatment, the problem may be caused by your diet. Hair grows from the inside out so it needs water, nutrients and minerals from our diet to grow healthy. Also, make sure to not manipulate your hair excessively. It may cause them to appear thinner. Hope this help!