how do I get my natural curls back after losing them from straightening too much?

my hair used to be 3b, really curly and full of volume. My curls were really defined and beautiful but back then I didn't appreciate them like I do now. I lost all my curls after I straighten too and now my hair is 2a. It's dull and flat. I use mousse and scrunch my hair but it doesn't work much. Please help! :(

2 Answers

There is no turning back.  Once the curl has been seared by heat it cannot return to it's original texture. What happened is that the hydrogen bonds have been broken.  Some bonds reinstate themselves under certain circumstances, but heat and chemicals can permanently break bonds. Don't worry, you can grow your hair out and in the meantime, you can do roller sets and other fun styles to rock your rizos anyway.  Don't let this stop you!
The solution is to cut it all