I had my naturally 2C/3A hair bleached to colour bright pink/purple. It's now dead straight! Help!

I had my hair bleached (and heat treated) and now it's dead straight.  I want my natural curl back! I know I probably need a protein treatment and a good deep conditioner, but what brands are best at a good price AND available in Australia?  All the decent recommendations I cannot get here.

2 Answers

Oh Shucks! Curly hair is fragile! It's not easy to maintain. From what you're telling me, I feel that your hair could possibly never have much of its natural curls any more... Bleach&Heat isnt a very good combination. I'd recommend you to invest time&money in your hair's recovery. Co-Washing will help bring back all the moisture. JUST MAKE SURE TO ELIMINATE ALL SILICONES AND SULFATES! When brushing hair in the shower, do not use a brush, use a wide toothed comb, or your fingers! When you're getting out of your shower, SCRUNCH A BUNCH! DO NOT scrunch with a normal towel, use a micro fibre towel! When going to sleep, make sure your hair is more than 100% dry, then put it in a loose pineapple bun. Make sure you sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase! DO ELIMINATE ALL HEATING STYLES&BLEACHES, GROW OUT YOUR HAIR. Feel free to ask any questions! Hope your hair gets healthy again!
Oh, and you don't need deep treatments. Jus try out the hot oil treatment&use healthy hair products! I can recommend you a bunch! Just ask specifically what you want (conditioner, shampoo, sprays, oils, etc..)