I need some clarification...

So, my hair is what I would consider frizzy without product. The pieces that frizz out are sometimes very wire-y, ya know? Like it doesn't matter how saturated in conditioner my hair is, it doesn't lie perfectly smooth. Is there a fix or is that just the texture I have? Also, do I *have* to use product to control my hair? I mean, are their really woman who can just wash and go, and is it possible to be one of them or am I just delusional? Like do most people with wavy/curly hair have to do something/add product to make it look nice? Sorry if this sound stupid, lol.

1 Answer

The pieces that look wirey may need to be trimmed. Especially if you haven't had one in awhile. When curly hair stops curling (or waving) its usually because its damaged in some way. Maybe a good deep condition will help if you don't want to trim it. Also, everyone is different so I'm sure there are women who just wash and go. But trust and believe those women are few and far inbetween. Most curlies need at least a little product after they wash to control their hairs. Even if they only apply it once a week or every few days, they still need a little bit to keep things in order.