i need a good conditioner i can co wash with because I have to swim in gym class. Any suggestions?

My hair is 3c, very soft but can get tangled easily and frizzy. Also my hair can get very volumous which sometimes is a bad thing. Any conditioners under 10 would be best!

5 Answers

I understand your need.  You definitely need a good conditioner.  Because you swim a lot I think it would be good for you to use a cleansing conditioner to make sure you get all of the chlorine out.  You may want to use a conditioner afterward or you can skip to the leave in process.  Try CURLS Cleansing conditioner or  Camile Rose Naturals Cleansing conditioner.  I think they may be around the price range you are requesting. 
I recommend L'oreal ever curl or ever creme both were my go to when I was swimming one summer. I'll go back to it when the pool at my school is done and I can go swimming on a regular basis
tresemme naturals, suave shea almond, herbal essences hello hydration, aussie moist, shea moisture raw shea butter restorative conditioner, as i am coconut cowash, eden bodyworks coconut cowash. 
VO5 has a good cheap co-wash, it's only 79-85 cents. I love it.
definitely get a cleansing conditioner but something new I tried that really sofyens my hair is the garnier nutrisse triple nutrition fall fight deep conditioner you only need to leave it in for 3 mins and it gives amazing moisture and definitionFollow on [email protected]