I need HELP caring for my LOW POROSITY curls!

I started trying to take better care of my curly hair (3A, coarse, low porosity) almost a year ago, but I STILL haven't figured out how to retain moisture. I don't use silicones or sulfates, but I feel like no matter what I do, my hair ends up dry and frizzy. I got a Hot Head deep conditioning cap, but I'm honestly not sure how much it helps. Another problem is that I have extremely sensitive skin, so more often than not a new product I think will solve all my problems just leaves me with an itchy scalp. I really need some help, so if anyone has advice for low porosity hair, please do reply! I'm obviously just not hydrating it well enough and I don't know how to give it the moisture it needs on a daily basis :(. How should low porosity hair look if it's healthy? Thank you in advance for any help you can give :)P.S. - I never use heat styling tools  - I always air dry  -  I co-wash, but occasionally use a sulfate free shampoo  -  I'm protein sensitive - I haven't found a good deep conditioner, but I do apply oils and then use the heat cap sometimes  - I use Curl Keeper as a styling product  

1 Answer

Try deep conditioning with heat and steaming your hair with an actual steamer (not a heat cap)Clay masks...so clay mixed with honey, and water/milkI had the same problem as you and these helped a lot!