I need help dealing with my super thick 2A damaged hair! Advice?

I'll start by admitting, I am a complete noob in all things style/fashion. So just assume that if you're using some cosmetology savvy lingo, that I will not understand. My mother is allergic to every kind of beauty product, and when I was young I was too, so I grew up completely naive of these things. I mean, we paid as little as possible for hair products, so not exactly quality.When I was young, I was also on chemo therapy drugs which thinned my insanely thick mane (which was nice), but it also fried it something fierce. So now it's rough and coarse, and oh so frizzy.I have loose ring-curls near the base of my head, but as you move up the layers they get less and less defined, and on top it's pretty much completely flat. Recently, I've been wanting to embrace my curls and I really want a low-mantaince curly style, because I'm a full-time student and so not a morning person. Plus, I'm on an extreme budget so the less product the better. However, I simply have no idea where to begin with this mess of a mop on my head.Here is what I do know:- I cannot blow dry my hair, or it becomes a singular poof of knots.- I need a stronger conditioner than Garnier Fructis: Sleek and Shine.- I cannot wash my hair daily. I aim for 3-4 days a week.- Short hair styles make the poof worse.- Straightening takes a minimum of 2 hours.- Getting my hair thinned/layered was nice for awhile, but ultimately caused more frizz.And this is probably the most important fact that I do know:My hair is too thick to comfortably wear down the way it is. I get over-heated (which is bad for my medical condition) and not to mention, I've got Irish skin, so I get way too red in the face when I'm warm.Please help! I'm a desperate curly girl.Edit: Almost forgot to include this infoPorosity: LowDensity: HighWidth: ThinLength: Medium (and wanting to grow out)

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I would avoid Garnier products, they're full of silicones and sulfates.I actually used to be a 2b (my hair is fine though). I used to wash my hair every day with any old shampoo and conditioner, and it was very frizzy and dry. Then last winter I cut out products with silicones and sulfates. On ingredient labels, silicones are the ones that end in cone or conol (like dimenthicone). Sulfates are generally called sulfates or something similar.Anyway, I also start stretching my wash days. It was hard at first, I brushed my hair in the evening to distribute the oils and used baby powder for dry shampoo when it was bad. But then at some point I realized I could go a week without shampooing, and my hair wouldn't be oily. My hair got curlier too, now I think I'm a 2c. I started doing curly girl things like plopping and using curl-enhancing products, and now my hair is much curlier, shinier, and healthier. I hope this was helpful :)