I need help grow my hair

What to do and what to use to make my grow fast , healthy and curly I want my hair to have curly ends but front my hair straight what to make my hair curly I need help urgent 

1 Answer

To grow your hair, you have to be patient. There are many ways to make hair grow quicker. The inversion method is a really good method. You basically heat some olive oil up (not to hot) and the you turn your head up side down and massage the oil into your head. do that for a week straight every month. Another way is to wash your hair as less as possible. Essential oils such as peppermint oil and and peppermint oil,  mix the essential oil into any oil, almond oil, olive oil, sesmea oil etc and apply the oil to scalp. And then ofcourse there are alot of hair growth vitaibs avaliable, such as hairfinity or green earth beautiful hair. You could also take biotin which is probably the best supplement for hair growth but make sure to read about it before taking it.