I need help on what to do with my hair?

I am black and white, and growing up my nana ( white side) took care of me. My hair was a lot thicker and longer compared to now. She used pink lotion on my hair and always kept it braided usually, but when I was 12 I got a relaxer. It made my curls amazing and my hair was still nice, but I think a year later my mom got me another one. I haven't gotten one since I was 13 I think. I'm 20 now. I kept my hair short on purpose for a few years, and then last thanksgiving I decided to not dye my hair or do any type of product to it. I was always pretty careful with my hair. Straightened here and there, didn't dye my hair every two weeks or anything. My hair has grown out very little and has gotten a little thicker but I'm worried it'll never grow out. I want to get a quick trim because my ends are a little dry but not a lot. I just don't know what to do. I use this Shea butter for leave in conditioning. I also have this "mixed girl " product leave in. I use carrot oils. I wash my hair once to twice a week. If I really sweat from the gym, I use conditioner to wash my hair. I did have a weave at one point and it helped my hair grow, but when I took it out at the salon the woman who unbranded it didn't comb it throughly...and lots of knots werected stuck in my hair. My hair felt so thin and short. So I really don't want that ever again. I was pretty depressed for awhile. I think my hair type is 3b. It gets really curly on the underneath sometimes and I have a nappy texture in the middle of my head. A small section.  Also some days my hair looks wavy and some days it looks really curly, like tight curls. 

1 Answer

eggs help with hair growth maybe do an egg protein treatment every 2-4 weeks follow up with a deep conditioner , i personally trim my ends every 5-6 months , don't over do it or your hair will never grow , stay away from heat and hair dye and all these kinda stuff and let your hair do it's thing , keep your hair in a protective style like braids, not all the time tho