I need help with a hair care routine. I have a few problems. Help

Ok, so I literally just found out that my hair isn't straight at all but is between 2c/3a type hair. I'm 14 years old and both of my parents have stick straight hair so I'm pretty clueless on how to care for my hair.  So about 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon the Curly Girl Method while on pinterest. I have always wanted really curly hair so I thought the only thing I could do was get a perm but the method worked amazingly and m hair dried  really wavy/curly and with lots of volume. Only one problem, It wore off in like 2 hours. The thing was, I used my dads hair gel because it was the only one in the house. I was determined to figure my hair out because i was suppperrr excited about its new found curliness. The next day I went out and bought the garnier fructis Pure Clean Gel as well as the Curl Construct Mousse from the same brand. I tried using both of these together and seperate to see what worked the best. Nothing really did the job for me. It eithe didn't create nice waves or weighed my hair down and made it look wet even when it was dry. So I went to a hair product store and bought the DevaCurl Styling Cream. Ive tried that combined with a bit of the gel and it still looks weighed down and greasy withing 10 minutes of completely drying with a diffuser. I dont know what to do. What I want is to style my hair with the outcome of nice wavy/curly hair that doesn't look greasy and has volume. Thats the other problem. My hair isnt getting the volume that I see tonnes of other curly girls with. Any advice would be great thanks. (Sorry about grammar errors, its late at night haha)

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