I need help! What should I do?

My hair was like you can see in the photo, but after that picture I change my shampoo and start to use coconut oil, my hair was a little more dry,  make a sound like crunch, I don't pay atention to that, and buy a set of products. Well if it work for others maybe for me too. But it get worse, my hair lose  curl definition and was ver  dry, is like burned. And i want to cry. Well i stop using those products and go back to my old routine . When i took that picture i just shampoo my hair and apply conditioner. No more. For comb it,  i just use olive oil and cornrows. I am doing that again, but my hair dont see like in that time. It Is better but. In both picture i just shampoo my hair, dont have  products in it.In the first one the products are in the back shampoo one'n only argan oil and conditioner pantene natural.The second is how my hair is right now.

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