I need help I don't know what to this hair should I cut my hair I don't know my hair type

my hair have some straight end can recommended what to use what on my hair i wondering if i should cut it. what products to use. HELP i want it nice and curly 

2 Answers

Okay, IF your hair is 1. NOT combed out, and 2. It is NOT extremely dry and it has been properly moisturized in this picture, then I would say your hair is 4c.Here's the thing about hair typing with the Andre Walker system, It's flawed. There are people like me, who literally have 2 "curl types" in one strand along with 2-3 curl types in my head, and then their are people who have a curl type that may be in between 2 that are identified on the chart. Remember, your curl type is just a piece of a puzzle and it should only be used for slight reference.Where you may have one person that has very DEFINED silky 3c curls, another person that has naturally frizzy 3c curls with less definition due to their texture being spongy or cottony and not silky, may get mistakened for 4a. That being said, I'm not sure by what you meant by "nice curls", but regardless of if your hair is naturally frizzy or 2c-4c you should embrace whatever kink, curl, wave, or coil God gave you. Meaning, you can not be 2c looking at a 4a hair tutorials on youtube and instagram thinking your wavy hair will become coily. You can not be 4c looking at 3b hair thinking your kinky coils will become loose curls because this guru you love put Curl Junkies gel, Hair Milk, and grapeseed oil in their hair and when you do it your hair looks NOTHING like theirs. Before picking products to put in your hair you need to find out: - Is your hair is high porosity, medium porosity, or low porosity?      - IF you decide to do the "float test" to figure out what it is, here's why you probably shouldn't be doing that to figure it out.- Are your strands fine, medium, or coarse?    - Here's how you can find out. (Skip to Hair Width part)- Is your hair low density, medium density, or high density?    - Here's how you can find out.- What is your hair texture?  - Hair Textures Thready – This thready hair texture has a low sheen and a bright shine when the hair is stretched. This hair texture should have low frizz and get wet easily. Even though this hair texture wets easily, the water will dry out very quickly.Wiry – This hair texture sparkly glossy appearance with very little shine and low frizz. When the wiry hair texture is wet, the water will bead up or bounce off the hair strands. This hair texture is more difficult to get fully wet.Cottony – The cottony hair texture has low sheen, a bright shine when the hair is stretched and is usually is highly frizzy. The cottony texture absorbs water very quickly; however it doesn’t get completely wet very fast.Spongy – The spongy hair texture absorbs water (like a sponge) and has a high sheen and low shine.Silky – The silky texture has low sheen and a bright high shine. The level of expected frizz with this hair texture can vary substantially. Silky hair becomes completely wet very easy.This article will probably help you figure out every single thing you need to know that I mentioned all in one.When you figure these out it'll be so much easier to figure out what will work for your hair and even define your kinks and coils. Once you find out, I could further help you with product recommendations! :)