I dont know my hair type, I've been told its "fine" but VERY thick. Straighter layer on top, much curlier under layer. I recently got a full head of "foils" (blonde, so bleach), but I've always done this its nothing new and never had this problem! Since I got it done my hair matts horribly! Even in the shower with a bottle of conditioner on my head, I detangle and it matts instantly! I've tried clarifying, used every type of conditioner and product and leave-in I have and nothing is helping. I feel like I am breaking and ripping out my whole head of hair dealing with this!

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I have a history with Matting and tangles; I used to use cheap mousse and my hair literally dreadlocked, I had to cut off so much hair- it was so traumatizing! I have 3c&3b hair and I get a lot of tangles.I use a deep conditioning mask twice a week at night and go curl by curl, section by section of my hair and finger detangle. Be very patient and gentle. It takes a while(like 30 minutes). But it really is worth it. I would stop using combs. If your hair really instantly tangles and just won't stop, try keeping your hair in stretched styles like twist outs or braid outs.