i need help with my afro

i'm a 15 year old dude with somewhat curly Afro hair (Nigerian-american) i have a picture below. I Have no idea what my hair type is and, i'm hoping one of you can find out what it is by the the picture. I have dry hair it flakes when i pick it out, i need a good moisturizer or something because apparently the things i use don't work at all. My water-based moisturizer is Olive oil organic root stimulator, i use desert essence jojoba oil to seal, it does nothing for me whatsoever in fact i think it causes buildup, in the morning when i try to pick my hair out its hard to comb i do this process almost every day and i think it causes breakage because some of my ends look broken. Is Shea moisture smoothie any good? I heard its organic and provides good moisture.      (I have a satin durag and a satin pillowcase) i also have a metal and plastic pick. my shampoo is Generic tea tree oil (bought from sallys) i currently have no conditioners.

1 Answer

The conditioner is what you need most. It seems you're just caking these things on and not allowing them to really penetrante. I suggest you get a conditioner, deep conditioner, and a shampoo. The shampoo should be used when you want to clarify your scalp especially. You should follow with a deep condtioner, paying attention to the instructions and covering your head with a conditioning cap.After, you should seal in the moisture with your oil. After that, you should primarily wash with conditioner, as it won't strip you of natural oils. Only shampoo to clarify. Experiment and set a routine that works for you. Also, invest in a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair when wet with conditioner, it should be easier. Picks aren't really meant to comb out your hair.