I need a routine..

Hello,I really need a stable hair routine. I've got thin, very curly, shoulder length hair(2c? 3a?). I just want it to look healthy, have a bit more volume. It used to have more volume when I was a child. The past few years I messed up pretty bad, and ended up with thin, damaged, dry hair. It has recovered quite a bit, but is not back to it's usual volume yet. I think I've tried everything my wallet would allow, so I'm pretty anxious to try out new things.First I cut of about 20 centimeters of my hair, and stepped to no-poo shampoos:- I tried an shampoo+conditioner (Yes! To carrots), which both contained no silicones or sulfates. They were okay, but made my hair feel a little greasy and pretty weak. - Then I stepped to another silicone and sulfate free shampoo+conditioner (Petal Fresh - Rosemary Mint). But when I started using this my hair seemed to start falling out, and it got even thinner.. And now I'm stuck with two full bottles of expensive vegan shampoo, and I'm scared to buy another expensive product. I made some money this weekend, and am able to buy a new shampoo+conditioner, but I just don't know which one will make my hair look healthy and a little bit stronger. I hope someone is able to help, thank you :)Note: Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to take a quick picture. Note 2: I decided to ask an editor, I hope this isn't a bother. 

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