I never washed my hair before by myself. What should I do ??

My mom has never taught me how to do my own hair and I always went to the hair salon. I wan to learn how to do my own hair and want to wear my hair naturally with no problems.

2 Answers

Well there's a first time for everything and washing your hair is a simple task. I recommend washing the hair while your in the shower with a  shampoo or co-wash of your choice. Massage your scalp with the product in a circular motion all over your head. Rinse and repeat as many times as you feel you need to. Then follow it with a leave in conditioner of your choice , then style your hair however you want. Most products have directions on how to use them on the back of the label. Learning to care for your hair is a journey of trial and error, but successfully caring for your hair is the reward of your persistence and eagerness to learn what's best for you. Best of luck and happy hair learning.
In addition to the comment below, which is excellent advice, if you like the way the salon does your hair, ask the name of all the products they use as well & pay attention to how the stylist uses them. You can also check out Youtube for videos on how to care for natural hair, which can give you ideas on what techniques to try on your hair.