How should I properly dry my hair with frizz prone hair?

I usually put my hair in a pony tail when it is wet and sleep on it but it gives my hair a giant indent so it is half straight have curly, it looks really weird.

2 Answers

Hi there.You just found the problem yourself! Sleeping on wet hair and especially putting it in a ponytail or bun will give your hair an indent. Wet hair is vulnerable and if you lay on it then it will dry that way. Some people braid their wet hair and sleep on it to give the waves/curls a different look. I suggest sleeping on damp to dry hair without a ponytail, unless you'd like a different look. A satin pillowcase is also a really big help to reduce frizz.
Hi Acitr, Definitely use a satin pillowcase. It will reduce the morning frizz. I recommend air drying, but some people think blow drying is actually the better way to go. Here's an article about air drying versus blow drying. your hair is frizz prone, blast it with cold air right after you blow dry and use oils and serums to keep frizz away.