How do I protect my hair from damage and loss of moisture from helmets in sports?

I've been playing softball for awhile now and I haven't been able to figure out how to protect my hair from the tight damaging helmets. The helmets also tend to dry my hair badly. I really need to know so I can keep playing softball while not constantly worrying  about my hair. Also I'm new to naturally curly!

2 Answers

Hey! I played softball for years with 3b/3c hair and was often the only Black girl on my team. No one else got the struggle! I really like slaps (silk lined caps). They are heaven sent. I just looked at the website and they have satin lined caps! You could wear one under your helmet. They're a little pricey but I'm sure they'd help: could also buy a cheap "silk" scarf from cvs and pineapple your hair. Hope this helps! 
A plastic deep conditioning cap is the GUARANTEED way to keep moisture in your hair.