I have a few questions about biotin

I have been taking biotin for three weeks and I have noticed (no lie. Even my mum has noticed that my edges have become very full. I have also been taking flax oil for 3 mounths my hair has become very shiny and a bit thicker. I take 1000mg biotin is this too high of a dosage? Can I take a higher dosage? And are biotin products also effective when it comes to hair growth? Also when I've reached my legnth goal will I still need to take it everyday to retain legnth?

1 Answer

No, 1000 mg of biotin isn't that high. You can take 5000 mg of biotin but it is an really high dose so you need to check your doctor for approval to take this biotin according to Livestrong.com. Biotin does increase hair and nail growth rapidly. It also speeds up your metabolism.  Taking Biotin depends on when you want to stop after you got your hair length goal. Do you still want your hair longer then your hair length goal? It depends on you. Probably, not to retain hair length unless you notice a lot of breakage when you are off of biotin.