Do I really have to have my hair straightened just to get a proper trim?

This year I learned the hard way what happenes when you don't trim your damaged hair. So now I try to do this every 8 weeks. The hairstylist I see (who is also a tricologist and teaches hair) says in order to get all the damage ends and cut it even he has to straightened my curly hair with a flat iron. My hair is very tightly coiled and extremely curly. I think it's type 4 (don't know the number). Last time he did that a section of my hair would not revert back to its curly state. So so I really have to straightened my hair sin order to get a proper trim?

2 Answers

Have you considered a Deva Cut?
try finding a hair dresser who has the same type as you and know what he/ she is doing. NaturallyCurly  also has a suggestion of salons the you could go to. when I am looking for a salon close to the area I live I make sure I read the comments before I check it out.