If I am recommended to seal with oil as last step in my routine, what does this do for LOC or LOG?

I've been recommeneded to seal with oil as my last step in my routine (2c hair).  Does this mean I use oil twice if I use the LOC or LOG methods?  Would that make me LOCO??!My hair loves argon oil, but coconut oil on my dry hair, however little I use, makes it greasy looking.

1 Answer

Hi rjtmco, No you don't need to use oil twice. If the LOC or LOG method is working well for you then go ahead and apply the oil in that order and not at the end. Some women modify that method and follow LCO instead, it's really about what your hair likes best. I would recommend trying it one way for a week, and then trying it the other way for a week and see which you prefer. Hope that helps!