How can I reduce the amount of hair pulled out when I comb?

I have type 3C/4A hair. I don't know if I should call it coarse, thick, or dense (having just learned that there is a difference). I read that a lot of people think their hair is coarse/thick and assume it's stronger and end up damaging it because it's really just dense and not really "thick". TLDR;;   ----- I pull out a LOT of hair when I comb, which I do about every 2-3 days (unless it needs a quick comb). I don't know if it's damaging my hair, or even if it CAN be helped. Is there any way I can reduce this, or is it natural and I shouldn't worry about it?I posted some pictures that I hope will help.Thanks for your time!

1 Answer

Well I've definitely heard that it's natural to lose about 100 hairs a day however, I've watched a lot of natural hair gurus like "mahoganycurls" and "beautybylee" and many, many more. I've noticed that they all finger detangle they don't use combs. You can try finger detangling after applying leave in conditioner during your wash.