How do I revive dead, droopy curls?

Some of my curls are curly and others are wavy and droopy. I want to know how to be able to revive my droopy hair back to curls.

2 Answers

don't do it until you're absolutely ready but in order for your curl pattern to even back out you'll need to do a big chop to get the dead parts bouncing again. 
The treatment depends on the reason your curls are wavy. If they are naturally wavy/droopy, then there isn't much you can do about it. You can try the curly girl method? I've heard many wavies can encourage their hair to curl more when they begin to use the curly girl method.If your hair is heat damaged, I suggest using deep conditioners and protein treatments, with a focus on protein treatments. Unfortunately, if these do not work, the only thing you're gonna be able to do is transition or big chop your waves (and probably your curls to create an even look... if that's what you'd like).If there's no possibility that it was heat damage or if it just happened randomly, then lay off deep conditioner and try protein treatments or conditioners because you may be suffering from hygral fatigue, or moisture overload.