How do I get rid of scalp build-up?

I use DevaCare No-Poo and One Condition every other day. I scrub and massage my scalp thoroughly, but a ton of build-up comes off under my nails. It seems like a ridiculous amount, and it seems to never end. My scalp also itches in certain spots throughout the day. Are there any home remedies or products I can buy to take care of this?

1 Answer

You shouldn‘t be getting buildup from these two things, especially not if you are washing every two days. Perhaps your hair products are too heavy or silicone-laden to be removed by a no-poo. You can use apple cider vinegar or baking soda to thoroughly cleanse. Are you sure it is buildup? It could be dandruff or a dry scalp, especially if it seems to never end. For itchiness, you can apply tea tree oil to your scalp.