Am I shedding too much ? ( pictures included )

I have been naturals for 3 years now , but I usually just flat iron my hair and keep it straight. This summer , I have been wearing my hair naturally curly. I wash my hair every Monday because after one week with curly hair , my scalp is oily , my ends seems somewhat dry , and my hair is just unmanageable. I only detangle on Mondays when I apply my conditioner. I use a wide tooth comb . Just recently , I've notice my hair shedding weirdly , like I might be shedding more than usual. I'm shedding long strands and when my hair is wet on wash days ,I'll put my fingers through it and get hairs stuck on my fingers . But if I go swimming or something , my hair doesn't shed like this . I thought my hair needed some protein so I used palmers coconut milk protein pack , then rinsed it out and put on a moisturizing conditioner afterwards and then detangled. The protein pack did make my hair feel stronger to the touch. I have collected a ball of hair from today's conditioning /detangling . when I wash my hair when I plan on flat ironing it , a lot of hair doesn't fall out because I'm used to brushing my hair every single day , getting rid of shed hairs. But now that I'm only detangling once a week , i don't know if this is a regular amount of hair to be shedding or should I be worried . I have no clue . The clump feels thick to the touch if I squeeze it. Please give me help and feedback , thankyou ! 

1 Answer

My best guess is that you are just seeing all the normally shed hairs come out all at once. When you wore it straight, like you said, you brushed and removed shed hairs daily. Now that you don't remove them daily you are probably just seeing a week's work come out all at once, so it seems like a lot.Example: When I used to braid with extensions, when I removed the braids it seemed like I was loosing a lot of hair, but the fact was that I would have lost that hair as shed hair daily or weekly anyway, but it was caught up in braids for 4 weeks so I was seeing about 4 weeks worth of shed hair come out all at once.From the pictures it doesn't seem like you are loosing an alarming amount, but if it increases significantly, you may have cause for concern.I hope that helps!