I started to braid every night and it seems my natural hair lost its curl? Any tips to get it back?

I used to have seriously curly hair. About a year ago, in order to save drying time, I began braiding my hair to get a nicer, less frizzy curl and I've been doing it every day since. Now when I do let my hair dry on its own, its lost its natural curl. Does braiding hair damage the curl pattern? How do I get it back? Its just limp ringlets now :(

3 Answers

Do you brush your hair? If you do, then don't. Only before you wash it again. Let your hair towel-dry. And stop braiding.You should try some products. There's plenty of them.
Yea, definitely cease the braiding, braiding it too often will train your curls to adopt that curl pattern. Just like they said^ do not brush your hair, only do so in the shower when there is some type of conditioner in your hair and your using a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Also try encouraging your curls again by scrunching and drying your hair with a microfiber towel or t shirt, this will reduce frizz and make sure that your hair is retaining some of the moisture, not being depleted of it completely. Hope this helps.
try a protein treatment as well protein treatments alway make my curls snap back and I wear twist/braid outs faithfully so when I start to notice my hair isn't taking its natural curl I use apHogee 2 min reconstructor but I leave it in any where from 5-7 min