How can i stop shrinkage on 3b/c hair?

1 Answer

Hi! I have 3c hair with some 3b and 4a mixed in there, too. I don't mind shrinkage that much but what I do sometimes to combat shrinage is:-After I apply my products, I put my hair into a pineapple, and wrap with a microfiber towel turban.  I find that that mehotd really helps to stretch my roots. -There is a product called Marc Anthony Strictly Curls "Stretch", and it is supposed to loosen and lengthen (temporarily) tight curls.  I have it, but I haven't tried it yet- i've read reviews and they say it does a good job of cutting down the shrinkage.-Put your hair into 4 chunky twists after you have applied product.There are more, but I haven't done that many- that's just what I do.