I can't stop straightening my hair- HELP!

I'm fairly new to this site and hoping someone can help me!  I'll start with some background. I'm African American/caucasian mixed, and both of my parents have curly hair. I have longer curly hair that I'd classify somewhere in the 3 category possibly. It's pretty thick as well. I'm a 19 year old college student and I have straightened my hair since middle school. Believe me, I know it isn't healthy, but I can't get my curls to cooperate! I recently got my hair cut into long layers that are a bit past my shoulders (it was mid-back before) because my aunt swore it would help. It definitely made my hair healthier, but I can't style it! My roots are very curly but midway down my hair my curls are limp and not defined at all. I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING but nothing is working for me! I want to stop damaging my hair and love my curls but it's so hard when I can't make them look good. I honestly don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

2 Answers

Your curls are limp because of straightening.  Straightening more will just cause more problems. Try to find a product you really really like(I love Devacurl and Herbal Essence). Try deep conditioning once a week. Also, when you feel you would be okay loosing length, cut off the damaged parts. That's the only way to get nice curls again!
I had the same problem for a while ( I still straighten occasionally). A protein treatment like apohghee really helped my hair. Then I used products with good ingredients like shea moisture and organix. Don't give up. Try moisture and a light mousse or light gel. Try this, Divide hair in half , then each half in half. Detangle , then add leave in cream, then styler like gel or mousse. twist into ropes and let air dry a while. If you have to blow dry on low. Hope this helps. ps - part your how you want it to dry