I have very thick 4c hair that soaks up water and oil like a sponge. Any moisturizing tips?

coconut and olive oils seem to make it drier. My hair is always thirsty

1 Answer

Hi rocky,I would suggest giving your hair what it wants. More moisture. You can daily moisturize your hair if it needs it. You can try this: mix a conditioner with very warm water (the warmth lets the moisture in better, like a steam treatment does) and apply it to your hair generously, until your hair is saturated and stops soaking it up. Then seal immediately with your gel or styling cream/butter of choice. Olive oil and coconut oil don't work for me either, but I like Darshana indian oil blend and shea butter based butters and creams. Conditioners I like to use with warm water (1 part condit., 2 parts water): Trader Joes Tea tree tingle conditioner and Treseme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner.You can also start your daily moisturizing routine by spritzing hair with a bit of warm water and then massage your moisturizer into your hair evenly from root to tip. I like SheaMoisture for moisturizers especially the leave-in from their new Jamaican Black Castor Oil line and the Raw Shea Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk. Obia's Curl Moisture Cream is good too.Moisturizing daily or every other day should help your hair to start to retain more moisture. However, if you are using very stripping drying cleansers, nothing will seem to help, because you will be starting from scratch every time after you wash. To prevent this, be sure your cleansers are sulfate-free, moisturizing cleansers. SheaMoisture has some good options, but there are plenty of others. You can also co-wash or use a cleansing conditioner. Either way, focus on applying the cleanser to your scalp and massaging it thoroughly to remove buildup. Don't scrub your hair but smooth the excess suds or cleanser through the length of your hair after massaging your scalp then rinse. Moisturizing methods:L.O.C. Method: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curly-ha...http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-ha...Maximum Hydration: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-pro...I hope that helps!