how can I get my thick hair back?

I originally had very long, thick type 3b hair. unfortunately, when I was in middle school I mistreated my hair with cheap gels, and flat ironing. I had a big chop in the 8th grade (2008), and since then I've struggled with trying to get my hair the way it used to be. my hair stopped right at my shoulders, and since then it has slowly grown. my hair now almost reaches my lower back when straight, but my hair has thinned out A LOT. every time I untangle my hair so many strands come out no matter how gentle I am. what can I do to make my hair stronger, and thicker again?! I miss the way my hair used to be!!! 

2 Answers

Do hair treatment with Argan oil and keratin treatment. They have been known to increase hair strength and thickness. 
-Deep condition once per week-Stay away from heat!!!!!!! -Take biotin and prenatal vitamins -Perform Aphogee 2 step protein treatment once every 6 weeks-Baby those ends-Rub coconut oil mixed with rosemary oil onto hair and scalp every night-Rub Jamaican Black Castor oil on ends of hair daily-Get trimmed when you notice split ends (generally every 3-4 months)-Use sulfate, sillicone, paraben free products-Co- wash once per week-CONDITON, CONDITION, CONDITION -Use protective styles!-NO BLEACH, NO CHEMICALS, NO DYES